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  • Advise Aid Announce Advise I have advised her of how to proceed. My lawyer has advised me of my rights. He is in the conference room, advising one of the new employees. Aid New students are actively seeking financial aid. Without your aid, this project would have never been possible. He was instrumental in securing aid for the relief effort. Announce He is about to announce the new vice president. When are you going to announce the new product line? Announcing our agenda to the audience is important.
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  • Globish accuse adapt admit Accuse Yesterday in court the defendant was accused of fraud. Accusing someone of a crime they didn’t commit is illegal. I accuse you of stealing my car! Adapt It takes time to adapt to a new situation. We allow new students a week to adapt to the new schedules. I am proud of you because you have adapted well. Admit I have admitted to the crime, it was I. All we need to do is get her to admit she was there on this recorder. So, you admit it is the best way?
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  • what would you do differently If I were to relive the last ten years of my life, I would focus more on my own development as a person and not strive the acceptance of others, letting myself develop into someone that I'm not. I would not focus on my relationships until I had reached acceptance of myself.
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  • What type of work environment I prefer a work environment that is organized and functional. I like to have everything I need within reach, or to at least know where it is at. I can't stand a messy environment or one built on chaos. I crave peace and harmony in my work environment.
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  • How do you evaluate success I evaluate success as feeling like you have done the best you can do within the limits of the situation. If you have exceeded the expectations and can say that you have done your best, you have succeeded.
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  • When was the last time you wer The last time I was angry was at a friend who abandoned me. I stepped back from the problem and talked myself through my anger- what happened that made me angry, why I was angry, what would result of my anger, and what I could do about my anger.
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  • What are you passionate about I am passionate about writing. I love communicating with others, finding a new way, or a better way, to say something. I love seeing recognition in their eyes. I am also passionate about theatre and performing. I love being able to move an audience, to communicate to them a feeling.
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  • greatest disappointment What has been the greatest disappointment in your life? The greatest disappointment in my life has been my own personal failure. I can't blame my failure on anyone else, it was a direct result of my actions and that was my greatest disappointment.
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  • How do you handle stress and p When I am stressed, I do not divert the problem and put it aside, I focus on it and try to work through it. I work well under pressure, because it enhances my desire for success.
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  • What motivates you I am motivated by success. Failure, in my mind, is not an option. I seek the knowledge of a job well done.
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