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I am an amateur singer of mostly Kishore Kumar songs.

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  • Dukhi Man Mere Sun Mera Kahena - Sangeet Kishore 21 Nov, 2020 Song; Dukhi Man Mere Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi Music: S D Burman original Singer: Kishore Kumar Film: Fantoosh-1956
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  • Bandhu Tumhari hamsafar ko - Bondhu tomar pother Sathi Ke 10 Nov, 2020 Uploading a hingla bangla combo this time, of Hemanta Kumar. Naqvi Saab also has some contribution in the translation, but any lapse is mine because he has not gone through the full trans;ation. I am providing the bangla lyrics along with the meaning. Hope you will enjoy. Song: Bandhu tomar pather sathi ke chine nio Lyrics: Mukul Dutta Music - Original Singer: Hemant Kumar Bangla lyrics: Bandhu tomar pather sathi ke chine nio [Friend, pls recognise your companion on path] Moner maajhete chirodin tare deke nio [call him always inside your mind] bhulo na tare deke nite [do not forget to call him] -------------------------------------------- khusir kheyale paal tule jeo chirodin [Always fly the sail in pleasing mood] hasi aar gaane sodh kore jeo sab rin [pay back all your debts in laugh and songs] smritir pate te jato byatha aachhe bhule jeo [whatever grief you have in your memory, pls forget those] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- samukhe royechhe path, chole jao chole jao [the path is lying infront of you, pls proceed] pichhone ja kichhu taane, phele jao phele jao [whatever pulls you back , leave those aprt] ------------------------------------------------------------------- alor parase bhir hoye jabe ei raat [night will be dawn with the touch of light] konodin bhule chhero nako tumi ei haat [do not leave this hand ever by mistake] kul harano dine take tumi sathe nio [take him with you on the day you lost the shore]
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  • Har Haseen Cheez Ka Main Tlabgar Hoon - Sangeet Kishore 5 Nov, 2020 Uploading a Kishore Kumar song after sometime. A shorwala song but I sang it in soft manner, hope you will enjoy.
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  • Na Yeh Chand Hoga - Geeta Dutt - Hemant - Susmita - Sangeet 29 Oct, 2020 Another double song with different lyrics tuned by Hemant Kumar and sung separately by Geeta Dutta and Hemant Kumar in film Shart (1954). Such an old song, still we are getting interest to sing those, such is the attachment to the tune. Hemant Kumar singing style is peculiar, he sings at such an uniform volume and uniform effort that I cannot guess when the note is going high and when low. Still tried something, hope you will enjoy. Song: Na Yeh Chand Hoga Lyrics: S H Bihari Music: Hemant Kumar Original Singers: Geeta Dutt, Hemant Kumar
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  • Rahi Tu Mat Ruk Jana - Hemant Kumar - Sangeet ki shor 20 Oct, 2020 One sangeet ki shor wala song after a long time, though it is not a Kishore Kumar song, rather tuned by Kishore Kumar and sung by Hemant Kumar. I wonder how Hemant Kumar sang this song so coolly. Hope you will enjoy this shor from me. Song: Rahi tu mat ruk jana Lyrics: Sailendra Music: Kishore Kumar Original Singer: Hemant Kumar
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  • Meri baat rahi by Susmita - Ami dur hote tomake - Sangeet ki Oct 13, 2020 Today, Hindi song first followed by bangla song. Uploading two songs with same tune tuned by Hemant Kumar. Hindi song sung by Asha ji and bangla song sung by Hemant Kumar. Meri baat rahi mere man mein by my sister Susmita followed by Ami dur hote sung by myself. Songs: Meri baat rahi mere man mein (Susmita Nundy) Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni Ori Singer: Asha ji Music: Hemant Kumar Song : Ami dur hote (myself) Lyrics: Gouri prasanna Majumdar ori singer: Hemant Kumar Bangla Lyrics translation: ami dur hote tomare dekhechhi [I have seen you from far away] aar mugdha e chokhe cheye thekechhi [and continued to stare with amazed eyes] baaje kinkini, rinijhini [your anklet was sounding rinijhini] tomare ki chini chini [seemed like I knew you] mone mone kato chhabi enkechhi [drew so many pictures in mind] ---------------------------------- chhilo vaabe bharaa duti aankhi chanchal [your eyes were restless filled with emotion] tumi batase uraale bhiru anchal [you flew your scared saree's aanchal in air] ei ruper madhuri mor sanchay rekhechhi [the pleasantness of your beauty, I collected for archive] -------------------------------- kasturi mriga tumi, jeno kasturi mrida tumi [As if you are a musk deer] apon gandho dhele, e hriday chu(n)ye gele [pouring your fragrance, you touched my heart] se maayaa e aponare dhekechhi [I covered myself in that illusion] ------------------------------------------ ei kapole dekhechhi laal padma [I have seen red lotus on your cheeks] jeno dal mele phutechhe se sadya [as if they blossomed in a gang just now] ami bhramorer gunjane tomakei dekechhi [I called you in bee's singing]
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  • Daur-E-Khijan Tha - Amit Kumar song by Sangeet Kishore 22 Sept, 2020 This is a hindi counter part song of Kishore Kumar's original bengali song "Amar moner ei Mayur mahole". It is a film song in a film acted by Amit Kumar, Kishore Kumar and others. This is not a translation of bangla song. I sang a translation song before. If interested, you can check https://yourlisten.com/sangeetkishore/amar-moner-ei-mayur-mahole-mere-man-ki-ye-mayur-mahal-mein Song: Daur-E-Khijan Tha Lyrics: Irshad Jallili Music: Kishore Kumar Original Singer: Amit Kumar
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  • Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya - Gazal of Jagjit Singh by Sangeet K 15 Sept, 2020 Getting encouraging feedback in my last week's gazal rendition, I dared to record anotherone this week, this time one Jagjit Singh filmi gazal. I recorded it at home but mixed it from a local studio. I was accustomed and preferred the type of mixing Naqvi Saab does, but may be this song requires a bit echo as in the film Nasiruddin Shah sings it in a hall. Please let me know your feedback about this studio mixing. Song: Hishwalon ko khabar kya Lyrics: Nida Fazli Music: Jatin Lalit Original singer: Jagjit Singh.
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  • Hum Tere Shahar Mein Aaye Hain Musafir Ki Tarah -Gazal 8th Sept, 2020 My first ever Gazal attempt, one of Ghulam Ali. I deliberately chose a simple one and I was not tensed because in gazal one can add improvisations. I have followed Ghulam Ali for pauses but was humbled by the improvisations done by Osman Mir. I will urge everybody to listen the rendition of Osman Mir of the same song, but not before listening my rendition, else my rendition would be nothing. Osman Mir rendition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5w2Br9uDDU Please provide me the meaning of "izhaar-e-kheyalat", "jugnu" and also I noted there are two beats extra before every interlude music. Why it is like that?
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  • Na Jao Saiyan Chura Ke Baiyan - Geeta Dutt- by Susmita Nundy 1 Sept 2020 Last week I uploaded this Geeta Dutt sung, Hemant Kumar tuned song, this week my elder sister Susmita Nundy has recorded the same. Please check her performnce.
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