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I am an amateur singer of mostly Kishore Kumar songs.

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  • Koi Humdum Na Raha - Sangeet Kishore
    Koi Humdum Na Raha - Sangeet Kishore 7 Apr, 2020 In the context of Corona pandemic, it can be easily said that "Koi sahara na raha". A very mood swinging song. First sung by Asoke Kumar in 1936 when KKji was 9 years old and he liked the song for its appeal. KKji used it after 30 years in his own production Jhumroo, keeping the basic tune and mukhra same, but antara lyrics rewritten by Majruh Sultanpuri. I kept the reverb less than original and volume a bit high to manifest the energy, but when I uploaded it in YouTube, things were normalised down and in the process my vocal texture also changed that I did not like. Pls listen that also. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWhfDn3AOrQ
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  • Har Haseen Cheez Ka Main - by Sanjoy Saptarshi
    Har Haseen Cheez Ka Main - by Sanjoy Saptarshi 31 Mar, 2020 My second upload today, rendered by my singer client Saptarshi. He has a very good resemblance with Kkji voice and promotes himself as Saptarshi Entertainment in YouTube. Hope you will like my mixing. Voice is a bit up to fit in mobile phone, pls ignore it. Song: Har hassen cheez ka main talabgar hoon Lyrics - Music: Ravindra Jain original: Kishore Kumar, Film: Soudagar
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  • Ek Roz Main Tadapkar - Sangeet Kishore
    Ek Roz Main Tadapkar - Sangeet Kishore 31 Mar, 2020 Today i am uploading two songs, one of mine and another of my singer client. Hope you will listen both. Song: Ek Roz Main Tadapkar Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Music: R D Burman original : Kishore Kumar Film: Bemisaal - 1982
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  • Besharam Bansi Bulay Naam Se Mujhe - Lata ji Hingla Bangla
    Besharam Bansi Bulay Naam Se Mujhe - Lata ji Hingla Bangla 24 Mar, 2020 This is a crazy upload. Craziness comes with the advent of Corona virus in india and associated lock down. Where as in Uhan, china, the population density is 200, in Calcutta, it is 11000. 55 times more, so no one knows who will be infected and who will survive. This song has the same tune as last week's Lata ji song. Lyricist Gouri Prasanna Majumdar converted the bhajan in a modern bengali song with the same theme of love to Krishna and I translated that in hingla as usual literally, but this time hingla-bangla intermingled. But I am so obsessed with this Hridaynath Mangeshkar tune that I sang a KKji song with this tune, but I myself sometimes got confused with the actual tune of Kkji song, so I sang the right tune at the end. Also for your relief from my unplugged voice, I added some music at the end. Song: Behaya bansi dake je naam dhore (Besharam bansi bulay naam se mujhe) Lyrics: Gouri prasanna Majumdar Music: Hriday nath Mangeshkar original: Lata Mangeshkar Original reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9dNob649Nk Bangla Lyrics: Behaya bansi dake je naam dhore [Shameless flute calls me by name] Najore rakhe Sasuri Nanad, jabo ami kemon kore? [In-laws keep eye on me, how shall I go?] Loke bale spasta, ami naki nasto, dae ora kasto, asto prahor [people says clearly, I am rotten, loose character, they give me pain through out the day] Gaye je kada chore [throws nasty words on me] Kalanke holo ei ango je kalo [scandal makes my face black/burnt] Tomari thakai jeno chilo besi bhalo [seems it would have been better if I became yours] Sinthi jale Sindur pore [My sinthi burns putting vermion or from this marriage bindings]
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  • Ali Re More Naina Baan Padi - Lata ji Bhajan
    Ali Re More Naina Baan Padi - Lata ji Bhajan 17 Mar, 2020 Attempting this Lata ji bhajan unplugged as I could not find a karaoke. I have used only an imaginary metronome beats in my mind, hope I could maintain the beat duration and did not miss one. If you have the karaoke, pls share with me. Original Lata ji version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZt03VRdPDs Song: Ali Re More Naina Baan Padi
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  • Kitne Din Baad Aayi Ho - Kato din pare Ele of Hemant Kumar
    Kitne Din Baad Aayi Ho - Kato din pare Ele of Hemant Kumar 10 March, 2020 I am presenting a very famous bangla song of Hemant Kumar in both hingla and bangla. Hope you will enjoy. Song: Katodin pare Ele ektu boso (kitne din baad aayee ho thoda ruko) Lyrics: Pulak Banerjee Music: Hemant Kumar Singer: Hemant Kumar Original Hemant Kumar rendition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqR-f2RShoc *Lyrics* kitne din baad aayee ho thoda ruko *You have come after so many days, please stay for some time* tumse bohut sare batein (hai) bakee agar suno *I have so many things to say if you want to listen* -------------------------- asmaan mein baris hoga *Let rain comes in the sky* ped sab hilega tufano mein *Trees will be tilted in storm* woh tufaan fir uthega tumhari dil mein *That storm will also appear in your mind* bahut din aisa mauka mila nahi yeh toh mano *Did not get this opportunity for long, you should admit* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- jeevan ka jo path mera dhaka tha tumhari sayaa se *The path of my life that was covered by your shadow* wo path abhi bhi dhaka (hai) smriti ki ghaso se *That is still covered by the grass of memory of you* jana sur baja yadi bajne do thamana kyun *When known tune is again playing, then why stop it?*
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  • Nain Hamare Sanjh Sakare by Sangeet Kishore
    Nain Hamare Sanjh Sakare by Sangeet Kishore 2 Mar, 2020 My voice is in such a bad shape that I lost interest in recording new songs, but then came this song last week by Naqvi Saab, that brought back my interest. Four years ago I heard it in Bhasin ji's voice, since then I wished to record it, but forgot it. Hope you will not mind the distorted effortful highs. Song: Nain Hamare Sanjh Sakare Lyrics: Yogesh Music: Salil Chowdhury Original Singer: Mukesh
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  • Ab Tere Bin Jee Lenge Hum of Kumar Sanu by Sangeet Kishore
    Ab Tere Bin Jee Lenge Hum of Kumar Sanu by Sangeet Kishore Feb 4, 2020 I could not sing anything better than this with the kind of fitness I have now, hope you will ignore the lows. I thought its better to join with something. Song : Ab tere bin Original Singer: Kumar Sanu. Lyrics: Sameer Music: Nadeem Sravan
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  • Saason Ki Zarurat Hai Jaise - Sangeet Kishore
    Saason Ki Zarurat Hai Jaise - Sangeet Kishore 21 Jan, 2020 This week I have caught a bitter cold in chest that you can easily understand from my voice, but I did not allow it to suppress my spirit of joining the mehfil. I had to add a bit more reverb this time, hope you will not mind. This song I believe could easily be a KKji song, hope you will also admit and enjoy my attempt. Song : Saason Ki Zarurat Hai Jaise Lyricist : Sameer, Original Singer : Kumar Sanu, Music Director : Nadeem - Shravan, Movie : Aashiqui (1990)
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  • Man Khidki Khul Dena, Mon janla khule de na -Sangeet Kishore
    Man Khidki Khul Dena, Mon janla khule de na -Sangeet Kishore 14 Jan, 2020 One hingla song this week with all possibility to be a new song for you, at least its meaning. I have given lyrics for both hindi and bangla versions as it is a bit speedy song. Song: Mon Janla Khule De Na (Man, khidki khul dena) Lyrics: Mukul Dutta Music: Kishore Kumar Original singer: Kishore Kumar Original ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFedHl2rmws Hindi Lyrics Man, khidki khul dena, hawa lagana pran mein sheetal sheetal par ki baatein ghuse thoda kaan mein Haat mein bansee raha phirbhi bajaya na kiun? swarna-harin ka pichha kiya, (wo) kho gaya kiun? Tune mandir toda dhundne ke liye Bhagwan ka mane Zulf uski bandhne mein bit gaye bela Waqt aaya rone ka ab mit jab na mila dekho din daroga (Sun) dub gaya, naalish nahi sune Bangla lyrics: Mon, janla khule de na [Hey mind, open your windows] Baataas laguk prane [Let some wind enter your heart] Shital shital parer katha asuk bandhu kaane [let cold words of others come in your ears] Haate bansi thakte tabu bajali na keno? [Flute was in your hand, still why you did not play it?] Sonar harin dhorte giye harali je keno? [Trying to catch a golden deer, why did you lose it?] O tui bhangli deyul khunjte giye Bhagabaner mane [You destroyed the temple to find the meaning of God] Or o chul bandhte bandhu boye gelo bela [while she was dressing her hair, time passed by] Ebar boso kandte jakhon chole geche Kala [Now she will sit crying, when Kala (Lord Krishna, her lover) did not wait anymore] Ore din daroga gelo chole naalish na tor sune [Guard of Day(Sun) has set, not listening your complaint]
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