Meri baat rahi by Susmita - Ami dur hote tomake - Sangeet ki
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Oct 13, 2020

Today, Hindi song first followed by bangla song. Uploading two songs with same tune tuned by Hemant Kumar. Hindi song sung by Asha ji and bangla song sung by Hemant Kumar. Meri baat rahi mere man mein by my sister Susmita followed by Ami dur hote sung by myself.

Songs: Meri baat rahi mere man mein (Susmita Nundy)
Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni
Ori Singer: Asha ji
Music: Hemant Kumar
Song : Ami dur hote (myself)
Lyrics: Gouri prasanna Majumdar
ori singer: Hemant Kumar

Bangla Lyrics translation:

ami dur hote tomare dekhechhi
[I have seen you from far away]
aar mugdha e chokhe cheye thekechhi
[and continued to stare with amazed eyes]
baaje kinkini, rinijhini
[your anklet was sounding rinijhini]
tomare ki chini chini
[seemed like I knew you]
mone mone kato chhabi enkechhi
[drew so many pictures in mind]
chhilo vaabe bharaa duti aankhi chanchal
[your eyes were restless filled with emotion]
tumi batase uraale bhiru anchal
[you flew your scared saree's aanchal in air]
ei ruper madhuri mor sanchay rekhechhi
[the pleasantness of your beauty, I collected for archive]
kasturi mriga tumi, jeno kasturi mrida tumi
[As if you are a musk deer]
apon gandho dhele, e hriday chu(n)ye gele
[pouring your fragrance, you touched my heart]
se maayaa e aponare dhekechhi
[I covered myself in that illusion]
ei kapole dekhechhi laal padma
[I have seen red lotus on your cheeks]
jeno dal mele phutechhe se sadya
[as if they blossomed in a gang just now]
ami bhramorer gunjane tomakei dekechhi
[I called you in bee's singing]

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