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2.Father’s Name : CH.L.NARASIMHAM

3Mother’s Name : CH.DAMAYANTI

4.Date Of Birth :21.01.1967

5.Educational Qualification : BA, B.Ed.

6.Work Experience :

A. As a teacher : Five Years teaching experience in an English Medium School .
B. As Journalist : From 1997 writing for different Newspapers , Forums and News Stories for Television(Worked for ETV Oriya as a Field Journalist ) . At present contributing news and views for The Hindu and some e-forums .
C. Wrote web-stories on Education, Health and other issues for UNICEF .
D. Undertaking Documentation work of Programmes and projects of NGOs working in Koraput region.
E. Attending as participant and resource person in many workshops in and outside the state as a communicator with Children and as an advocate on Child Participation .
F. Carrying out an innovative process with children , making them as child reporters. I along with some more child loving people are working towards giving voice to the children and spreading their concern at different level by publishing in magazines and the websites. I have created and managing a website : www.koraputonline.org , dedicating itself to the voice of children and other issues of the region.
G. Have participated in the Children’s International Conference at Beijing in China along with two child reporters in 2005 .
H. Am a participating organizer in events like Workshops, Festivals, Discussion Forums and so on at the regional level
I. Have been training children , teachers and other stake holders on issues affecting children and the concept of child participation in Odisha , Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka , Bihar and Jharkhand with the Support of SSA , Unicef and others . .
J. Have been supporting teams in training the adults on different issues on Children , Listening to Children , Child Participation , Education and various social issues at Koraput .
K. Training young minds on basic tools of reporting .

7. Languages Known : Telugu, Odia, Hindi & English

8. Address: Ch.Santakar, Pujariput, Koraput, Odisha-764020

9. Willingness: The task ahead of India is not just a schedule of works, a set of plans prepared as a broad guiding document .It is the creative dynamism of Her Soul that must find living expression in everything. I wish to gear up to accomplish it in all that I do –Write, Speak, Share or Build processes.

10 .e-mail:Santakar@gmail.com

11 Mobile No. 09437192553

12.Web: www.koraputonline.org

With regards

Santakar`s Uploads

  • Jagannath_sagar_Odia[1] Save jagannath Sagar in Jeypore . Here is the Narration in Odia .
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  • Jagannath_Saagar[1] ଜୟପୁରର ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ସାଗର ନଷ୍ଟ ହେବାକୁ ବସିଲାଣି | ଏହାର ପୁନରୁଦ୍ଧ୍ହାର କରିବା ଆବଶ୍ୟକ । ଏଠାରେ ଶୁଣନ୍ତୁ ଆମର ମତାମତ
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  • Soni Gupta on Republic Day
    Soni Gupta on Republic Day She was coming out of the Hall in Govt.High School , Koraput today after listening to the results of Elocution competition being organised by district administration on the occasion of Republic Day today . She was not chosen for the prize . However she said that she was happy with what she had said and certainly the winners must have done better .Listening this I thought of giving a gift to her by recording what she had said and share it to our friends .She was happy and her voice was so matured ! Please listen to the talk that is in Odia
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  • Prajwal Padhi an 7 year old child speaks on Republic Day
    Prajwal Padhi an 7 year old child speaks on Republic Day Prajwal Padhi , a student of Std.III at koraput had greater words to share on Republic Day in an elocution competition being held at koraput today (18-1-16) . He was immune to the results which moved me to listen to him outside the hall .here is what he speaks in odia to the audience . Please give a big clap for the way he presented the information as a part of Voice of Children . Here is his Voice ...
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  • Health in Bada Manjari
    Health in Bada Manjari After a tiring journey through the mountains of Kanti in Semiliguda block of Koraput district we reached Bada Manjari on Wednesday (13-1-16) . While there were discussions over the sustainable energy issues by other members of our team , I went down the streets of the little village of Kondh tribe . The village was clean . But suddenly I discovered an Old woman sleeping on a cot in the street . Curiously I asked if she was all right .The woman nearby who was cleaning paddy answered that she was suffering from fever for the last four days . When asked if she had taken any medicine , the reply was a Big No ! She had not taken anything as there was no medicine with anyone , not even with the Asha Worker in the village for the last two months .Last week Mobile health unit had come but did not give anything to the Asha Worker not even the basic medicines for Lose Motion , Fever etc . I was also surprised the community's behaviour towards an ailing Old Woman who was sick in front of them for the last four days .Asked the villagers , the youth in the village if it was not their collective responsibility to see that they are taken care off even when the State had left them to suffer on their own with the remedy being at atleast 30 Kms down the hills ! While returning I urged the young man who was taking leading decisions in the village to see that she gets better care and take her to the hospital at Semiliguda even if it meant collecting some money from the villagers . It need to be a community practice to stand together that tribals cherished for long . Where has that spirit gone ..i Wondered ...!
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  • On Self Work Talk for Children
    On Self Work Talk for Children Dear Children here is a nice story from the life of Mahatma Gandhi on how Gandhiji was practising what he was saying .it would inspire you . Please Click here to listen the narration in Odia
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  • On Gratitude by Priyabrata Patro
    On Gratitude by Priyabrata Patro Please listen to the talk in Odia on gratitude and Divine Life . it was a talk given by Priyabrata patra , at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan , koraput on 19th November-2015
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  • Talking on Innovation by lalita Sripada from DPS , Damanjod.
    Talking on Innovation by lalita Sripada from DPS , Damanjod. It was a great moment talking to Lalita Sripada , the Student of 9th Std. in DPS , Damanjodi , Koraput on her innovative project on using Corn Cob as good adsorbent . I had recorded her interview well before she went to California to receive the award for the Project . We are proud of her .
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  • Ganesh puja preparation by Children of Koraput
    Ganesh puja preparation by Children of Koraput Tomorrow (17th September-2015) is Ganesh Puja . We tried to know how children were preparing themselves for the celebration . We went to Pujariput UP School at koraput and found that Children were engaged with a high level of interest . Some Children were decorating the puja pandal while some other were washing the room and others took responsibility of distributing invitation cards to those who loved the School . Here is the interaction with Children on the details of their preparation . Please Click Here and Listen ...
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  • Talking to Children who returned home
    Talking to Children who returned home Anand Khilo , a student of Std.IX in Thuba high School of Nandapur block of Koraput district could not bear the scolding by his father for his low performance in studies and got into the Viasakhapatnam bound Kirandul-Visakhapatnam passenger train at Bheja railway station about 20 days back . After getting down from the train he was amazed to see the huge structure of the railway station there and was continuously watching from top to bottom . Such a curious look by little Anand had attracted the attention of Railway police who took him and handed over to the local police for further facilitation of the child’s return to his home . After staying for a few days in a shelter home in Visakhapatnam he was handed over to Odisha police who took him to Bhubaneswar , said Anand at Koraput after returning from the state capital today . He was brought back to Koraput along with two more children who were rescued from a work place in Chennai by Odisha police under the national programme “Muskan” , said Rajashree Das , DCPO,Koraput who received the three children at Koraput and transferred them to the Open shelter house of SOVA at Chapar , Koraput before they could be sent back to their home . Samaru Bhatra of Patlaguda in Kotpad block and Amar Bhatra of Sauniguda in Borigumma block were the two young boys in their teens who were rescued by police from a Borewell digging company at Chennai . While for Samaru Bhatra it was second time that he had been to work in the same company , Amar was lured by a senior in the village to work in the company a few months back. However except the long hours of work even in the challenging situation of bad weather and darkness , they had no complains on the company . They had got financial gain from the work and would go back possibly after a couple of years when they would be eligible to work officially . Both of them were paid Rs.8000/- per month and hence were able to support their families by sending money from there . Samaru had left school after his fifth and Amar had never been to school as there was no one in the family to work in the field . Working has become a way of life since early childhood , said Amar . However Samaru has opted to support his father in the field and Amar to get settled in life by getting married in the near future . Both of them had Rs.25,000/- with them as the company had cleared all the dues till their last day of work and had some dreams with that money back at home . Amar plans to build a little house with his money and work in the field at least for another four to five years till he gets married . Family members had already chosen a girl for him and he had to take her consent if they would go out of the region for work or not . All these children would be produced before Child Welfare Committee(CWC) on Friday before handing over to their parents , Ms.Das said .
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