Greetings in the name of Jesus, the one true God according to scriptures (1 John 5:20, Jeremiah 10:10). I am Prophet H. Walker, pastor and overseer of True Light Pentecost Church. Thank you for allowing me to come into your homes. I know that this site will be a blessing to you and to all who truly seek to know the perfect will of God. These are evil times, for the word of God is being compromised as never before. Moral standards concerning holiness has left the church and doctrine is no longer taught. My weekly newsletters I know will open your understanding concerning false religion that is common in the houses of God today.<br />
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Also, I would like to take the time to mention my book Some Shall Depart, a study in the decline of the original church of the apostles, the heathen festivals like Christmas and Easter, openly taught for doctrine when there is no bible record for such. Also, the deity of Christ, revealing the truth that is hid from many, that Jesus is Almighty Yahweh and the one Lord of all. Also, a chapter dealing with the Nicean Creed 325, where the Roman (Catholic) Church took control over Christianity, changing the doctrine of the apostles. Know the truth about baptism in Jesus name. Get my book, and you will know the truth

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  • Harms Way
    Harms Way Prophet H. Walker gives sermon in Savannah Georgia concerning individual worship
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  • Lost
    Lost Prophet H. Walker gives sermon on pressing towards the mark
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  • Hallows Eve
    Hallows Eve http://www.truelightpentecostal.org Prophet H. Walker gives teaching concerning a satanic festival called Halloween.
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  • In The Fire
    In The Fire htp://www.truelightpentecostal.org Prophet H. Walker gives sermon on believing and holding on the word of God.
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  • Head Covering
    Head Covering http://www.truelightpentecostal.org Prophet H. Walker gives teaching on Christian women wearing a head covering. 1 Corinthians 11
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  • Rejoicing
    Rejoicing Prophet h. Walker gives teaching on being happy in Christ Jesus.
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  • Different People
    Different People http://www.truelightpentecostal.org prophetwalker@windstream.net Prophet H. Walker gives teaching on the sanctified church of God. Listen to Gods Final Prophet as he unfolds the truth of Gods word to a lost generation. Holiness is being compromised by the anti-Christ movement and God is not well pleased. Blasphemy is in churches, homes, businesses, government systems, entertainment, and more but God got a church without spot nor wrinkle that will take a stand for the word of truth underneath Prophet H. Walker. Join in with us underneath Prophet H. Walker and let us defeat the anti-Christ with the spirit of Christ that we may receive total victory. Amen
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