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  • ELankaathu Veesudhe... (Cover By Shankar, Poornima)
    ELankaathu Veesudhe... (Cover By Shankar, Poornima) Hi Friends, I am extremely happy to post this cover in collaboration with Poornima, after a long time. I love this song and its movie (Pitha Magan) a lot. An absolutely fantastic movie, with powerful contribution from Superstars of south Vikram and Surya, directed by Bala. The Maestro Ilaiyaraja lives in every frame of the movie and its music. It has a couple of gems of songs and this is one of them. It was originally sung by Sriram Parthasarathy and Shreya Ghoshal, so awesomely and effortlessly with fantastic feel. Poornima has done a fabulous singing here and I have done my best. Pitha Magan is a simple story about an extraordinary man and his relationships with a perfectly ordinary world. Sitthan is a child of the graves, born in a cemetery and lived there all his life until one day, as a grown man he is forced to step out into the world. He is caught in times he does not understand. He is totally and believably unaware of such concepts as money, the police and dining etiquette. What he does possess is an animal instinct to survive. A street-side drug seller takes him into her fold and gets him employed in a cannabis farm. The rest of the story revolves around how he meets Shakthi, a conman who becomes his friend for life and how the two proceed through their collective lives. The film was also remade in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Vikram's awesome performance in this movie won him many awards, including the National Award for the Best Actor for that year. Surya just rocked the movie with his natural acting and so did the others who acted in the movie. Kindly listen to this cover of ours at your leisure and we hope you will enjoy it. Earphones/Headphones recommended. Your valuable remarks are welcome, as always :). Song: ELankaathu Veesudhe... Movie: Pitha Magan (Tamil) (2003) Directed By: Bala Lyrics: Pazhani Bharathi Composer: The Maestro Ilaiyaraja Original Singers: Sriram Parthasarathy, Shreya Ghoshal Cover by: Shankar, Poornima 05 Aug 2015
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  • VaLamaana Bhoomiyil... (By Shankar) (Ore Vaanam Ore Bhoomi)
    VaLamaana Bhoomiyil... (By Shankar) (Ore Vaanam Ore Bhoomi) Hi Friends, Happy to post a song here after a very very long time :) This is a humble attempt in my voice of an excellent semi-classical composition by the great MS Viswanathan sir and awesomely sung originally by Dr. KJ Yesudas in his divine voice. I love this song for its compositional beauty and the fabulous singing by Dr. KJ Yesudas. The lyrics of this song also is wonderful. My friend Chandrasekar has mixed it for me and I sincerely thank him for the awesome mix. Hope you will like this attempt of mine. :) Kindly listen to this at your leisure time and your valuable comments are always welcome :) Song: VaLamaana Bhoomiyil Sugamaana KalaigaL... Movie: Ore Vaanam Ore Bhoomi Composer: MS Viswanathan Original Singer: Dr. KJ Yesudas
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  • PaLa PaLakkira Pagala Nee... (by Shankar) (Movie: Ayan)...
    PaLa PaLakkira Pagala Nee... (by Shankar) (Movie: Ayan)... I remixed an attempt of mine that was posted a few months ago in Muziboo. I had disabled comments while posting it. Posting the remixed song again for your views and comments here :) Movie: Ayan Music: Harris Jeyaraj Original Singer: Hariharan Cover by: Shankar Mixing: Shankar -- Shankar
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  • Jalsa PaNNungada (Cover by: Shankar, Ashok Sai, Venu and CR)
    Jalsa PaNNungada (Cover by: Shankar, Ashok Sai, Venu and CR) Hi Friends, Posting the awesome collaboration that 4 of us friends had in the recent past that got posted to Muziboo a few months ago. This particular song is sung by a group of friends, partying and enjoying each other’s company!! Venugopal, brother of our Chandra, has sung for the first time in this song in any online forums. We are proud to have you here as a collaborator Venu! Great job done by you and thanks. We - Chandra, Ashok, Venu and I thoroughly enjoyed singing and recording this. Chandra had mixed it awesomely as always. Ashok Sai, Chandra and Venu – all have sung beautifully and we really enjoyed singing this. Chandra has done nice translation, awesome mixing and mastering as always. ———————————————————————————————————————— Song: Jalsa PaNNungada Movie: Chennai 600028 (2007) Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Singers: Ranjith, Tippu, Premji Amaran, Haricharan, Karthik Cover: Ashok Sai (Tippu), Venugopal Ramaswamy (Premji), Shankar (Haricharan), Chandra (Ranjith, Karthik) ———————————————————————————————————————— Song Lyrics: CR: vaazhkiaya yosingada thala ezhuththa nalla vaasingada yosichchu paarungada ellorum onna saerungada irukkura varaikkum anubavikka ilamai eththukkada varugura varakkum laabamada vasathiya thaedungada Ashok, Shankar, CR: ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada Ashok: gnyaabagam vanthathada antha naal gnayaabagam vanthathada nanbanai vida oruththan life ukku thaevai illaiada natpukku kooda karpugal undu nalla therinjukkada arputhamaana nanbargal saerntha vettrigal kumiyumada nam vettrigal kumiyumada Ashok, Shankar, CR: ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada Venu: uzhaikkum kaiya nambi naalaikku ulagame irukkuthada unmaikku poraadi kural koduththa oorae vanangumada naan ungagl thozhan nee enthan nanban pirivae illaiyada naalaiya ulagam ilaignyargal kaiyil nambikkai veyyingada en maela nambikkai veyyingada Ashok, Shankar, CR: ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada Shankar: kaathal vanthichchina mugaththila color pala theriyumada kannaadi munnaadi nee ninna kavarchchiyum thonumada kaathali iruntha kavalaigal theerum kaathal pannungada antha kalyaanam mattum late a yosi nalla irukkumada vaazhka nalla irukkumada Ashok, Shankar, CR: ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada CR: daavula vizhunthaakka manasu novula azhugumada theevula iruppathupol thisaiyae theriyaama pogumada innaikki sirippa naalaikku moraippa innamum irukkuthada antha rothana namakku ippo ethukku ushaara irunthukkada figure a nambaama pozhachchukkada Ashok, Shankar, CR: ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada ini jalsa pannungada gujala jilpa kaatungada Shankar, CR: vaazhkiaya yosingada thala ezhuththa nalla vaasingada Thanks and regards... Shankar
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  • Sorgathin Vaasarpadi... (Cover by Shankar & HamsaPriya)
    Sorgathin Vaasarpadi... (Cover by Shankar & HamsaPriya) 23-Oct-2014 Hi friends, HamsaPriya and I, are extremely happy to collaborate again, this time to mark my 25th duet upload right from my Muziboo days. It is an extraordinary privilege for me to sing my 25th duet with HamsaPriya who is the main inspiration why I joined Muziboo and started to sing. Thanks a lot Hamsa for agreeing to sing with me and suggesting this awesome song for me. You have sung this amazingly with sweet voice throughout the song with such an ease. I had to make 4 versions against one and only version of yours :) But I am extremely happy to have learnt a lot in this song, thanks for your honest feedback in the making process. I have done what best I can do. But feeling happy to have completed it to a satisfactory level:). Our sincere thanks to Maya Pattma sis who has helped us get this awesome karaoke track through iniyathamizhosai.com website. Thanks to them. This is a beautiful duet melody composed by the Maestro ILayaraja, originally beautifully sung by K J Yesudas and Chitra for the movie "Unnai Solli KutRamillai". --------------------------------------------------------- Song: Sorgathin Vaasarpadi Movie: Unnai Solli KutRamillai Language: Tamil Date of Release: 17 March 1990 Directed By: Ameerjan Produced by: Rajam Balanchandar, Pushpa Kandaswamy Starring: Karthik, Sithara, Radha Ravi, Nassar, Charlie, Kuyili, Vadivukkarasi Lyricist: Vaali Composer: The Maestro ILayaraja Original Singers: K J Yesudas, K S Chitra Cover: Shankar, HamsaPriya Mixing & Mastering: Shankar Karaoke Track Courtesy: Maya Pattma & http://iniyathamizhosai.com --------------------------------------------------------- -- Shankar
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  • Meenkodi Theril (by Shankar) (Karumbu Vil) Hi friends, Presenting a beautiful melody in Afro-tribal folk style composed by the Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. About the song This song is one of the immortal melodies given by the Maestro sung soulfully by “Gaana Gandharvan” K J Yesudas. The song has two solo versions, one beautifully sung by Jency and the other one by Yesudas. This is one of the hundreds of songs of Ilaiyaraja of that category in which we remember and associate a film only with a song, not for its story, cast etc.! In my humble opinion, if not for these songs, not many, after 30 years, would remember/know that a movie by name ‘Karumbu Vil’ existed…. :) This song is based on the raga “Mohanam”. “Mohanam” is a nice, melodious raga. Illayaraja is a real Mohanapriyan! :). No other music director in India would have given so many Mohanams as him. Among his hundreds of Mohanam hits here are a few – kaNNan oru kai kuzhandhai (BhadrakaLi), geedham sangeedham (Kokkarako), malare pesu (Geethanjali), vaan polae vaNNam (Salangai oli), kaNmaNiye kaadhal enbadhu (aaril irundhu arubadhu varai), poovil vandu (Kadhal oviyam), naan oru ponnoviyam kandaen adiye (?movie), ABC nee vaasi (Oru kaidiyin dairy), oru raagam paadalodu (Aanandha Raagam), nilavu thoongum neram (Kunkumachimizh), oru thanga radhathil (Dharmayudham), kasthoori maane (Pudhumai penn), ninnukkori varNam (Agni Nakshathram), idhayam oru kovil (idhayakovil), kukku koo koo koo koovum kuyilakka (VaLLi) etc. This song has the style of Afro-tribal music. African music, as quoted on the Web, is usually credited with very complex and varied beat patterns. In South India, tribals living in the hills enjoy beat oriented music. After all, there is a theory that is spoken about saying India, Srilanka, Africa and Australia were one large mass of land earlier called “Lemuria” once upon a time. No wonder we note the similarity in music. In Raja’s songs if the lyrics/situation refers to hills (as this song does) we get beat oriented music from him (ex. malai kovil vaasalil, viLakku vaippom, meen kodi theril). As few lines of this song are a bit sensual, I chose not to attempt at a translation. :) Apologies. The context of this song is no different than an usual song which a hero sings thinking about the heroine and the song happens in a beautiful river in a hilly area. The heroine is dressed up like a tribal girl and the chorus artists are also drssed up as tribals. On this upload I just wanted to give an attempt on all my favorite solos and here is another one that I always wanted to try. I didn’t have a good track. The tempo of the beats in pallavi lines towards the end are not consistent. The beautiful female chorus portions went missing in the track. :( Anyways, did my best within my abilities and with what track I had. Should you have time, kindly listen to this one and leave your valuable comments. Your valued feedback will do a world of good for me. Hope you will enjoy this upload. —————————————————— Song: Meen Kodi Theril…. Movie: Karumbu Vil Language: Tamil Year of Release: 1980 Starring: Sudhakar, Subhashini Lyricist: M G Vallaban Composer: The Maestro Dr. Ilaiyaraaja Original Singer: Dr. K J Yesudas Cover & Mixing: Shankar —————————————————— Lyrics: —————————————————— meenkodi theril manmadha raajan oorvalam pogindraan(2) radhiyo vithiyin pirivil madhano radhiyin ninaivil uravin sugame irave tharume kaadalar dhevanin poojaiyil naaLinil (meen kodi theril) ooooo ola ola ola ola olaoo…. pournami raavil iLam kanniyar meni kaadhal raagam paadiye Aadavar naadum antha paarvaiyil thaano kaaman yevum Baanamo… naane unadhaanen naaLum subha veLai thaane… (meen kodi theril) ooooo ola ola ola ola olaoo…. kaalaiyil thozhi naga kolamum thedi kaaNa naaNam kooduthe mangaLa meLam sugha sangama geetham kaaman kovil poojaiyil naane unadhaanen naaLum subha veLai thaane… (meen kodi thEril) ——————————————————
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  • Oru Raagam Paadalodu (Shankar, Poornima) (Aanandha Raagam) Hi friends, Poornima and I are extremely happy to present this beautiful melody with this upload here. This is yet another mesmerizing melody given by the Maestro Ilaiyaraja during the early 80s. This awesome song is from the movie Aanandha Raagam so beautifully sung by K J Yesudas & S Janaki. This is a huge favorite of mine of IR-KJY-SJ combination. Thanks Poornima for accepting to collaborate with me for this cover. You have sung this fabulously with your sweet voice!!! :) I liked everything about your rendition here and especially the high registers in the second stanza and the feel that you imparted in your rendition. I have done my portions to the best of my abilities. I dedicate this cover to my brother Kumar Srinivasan who is an ardent fan of Ilaiyaraja and K J Yesudas and he wanted me to try this lovely song someday – that was an year back. Kumar – here it is for you! :) It is a great song and an extremely difficult one to sing. We tried our best here. We had a fantastic karaoke track downloaded from www.iniyathamizhosai.com and thanks to them for that. Hope you all will enjoy this…. Kindly listen to this leisurely and your comments are welcome. :) — Shankar ———————————————————————————— Song: Oru Raagam Paadalodu…. Movie: Aanandha Raagam (1982) Starcast: Sivakumar, Radha Composed by: Maestro Ilaiyaraja Original Singers: K J Yesudas, S Janaki Cover by: Shankar, Poornima Mixing & Mastering: Shankar ———————————————————————————— Original Lyrics & Rough Translation that I could write: ———————————————————————————— ஒரு ராகம் பாடலோடு காதில் கேட்டதோ மனதோடு ஊஞ்சல் ஆடுதோ தினம் உறங்காமல் வாடுதே சுகம் உறவாடத் தேடுதே ஓ நெஞ்சமே ஓராயிரம் சுகம் இது ஒரு ராகம் … Do you hear the beautiful raag with lyrics? And does that swing merrily in my heart? It pains me that I don’t get sleep And I long for this happiness And Oh! my Heart! it feels like a thousand pleasures together மாலை நேரக் காற்றில் மகிழ்ந்தாடும் தென்னங்கீற்றே மாலை சூடினாளும் என்னை ஆளும் தெய்வம் நீயே காதல் தேவி எங்கே தேடும் நெஞ்சம் அங்கே தேரில் போகும் தேவதை நேரில் வந்த நேரமே என்னுள்ளம் இன்று வானில் போகுதே The coconut tree’s leaves are merrily dancing with the evening breeze You are the God for me who rules me everyday by giving me the garland Where is the love angel? My soul is on a search…. This is the time when the angel in the chariot came in front of me And it feels like I am flying_ ஒரு ராகம் …. ஏதோ நூறு ஜென்மம் ஒன்று சேர்ந்து வந்த சொந்தம் வாழும் காலம் யாவும் துணையாக வேண்டும் என்றும் காதல் தந்த பந்தம் காதல் எனும் கீதம் ஜீவனாதம் கேட்குதே சேர்ந்து இன்பம் கூட்டுதே வராத காலம் வந்து சேர்ந்ததே I somehow feel that you are the related to me in hundreds of our births And I pray that you should be with me everyday till the end of my life The bond that our love brought us; the beautiful tune the love gave us; It is the music of my life that I hear now; and I feel ecstatic The time I longed for life has come now ஒரு ராகம் …. ————————————————————————————
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