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  • Jerusalem by Edguy cover 10 characters
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  • Angels Cry by Angra Cover Warmuppppp~ [Matos, Bittencourt] Cry in the night of the angel For their light will never shine With their hearts so full of sorrow Muddy waters all around The curtain falls for helpless souls How they suffer swept aside And the raging streams are flowing with so little hope inside (Is like) Angels crying Can't take no more Angels dying capture their fall Try to see this misery your future is not what you wished it to be So try to fly, the answer lies in the angry darkened skies (angry darkened skies) You just keep on standing in these fields all your life You sow the seeds that never grow No harvest comes such a strain to feed the few Still you're waiting, it's in vain... The change must come right now!
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  • Say Anything by X Japan Cover zawameki dake ga kokoro wo sashite kikoenai mune no toiki toki wo wasurete motome samayou takanaru omoi nurashite Run away from reality I've been crying in the dream kôri tsuita toki ni furuete yugande mienai kioku kasaneru kanashimi ga kieru made * You say anything kizutsuke au kotoba demo Say anything tachikirenai kokoro ni You say anything Just tell me all your sweet lies Say anything enji kirenai kokoro ni If I can go back to where I've been yume no naka ni dake ikite owaranai ame ni nureru nagareru namida wo hakujitsu yume ni somete You say anything Whatever you like to say to me Say anything You leave me out of my eyes You say anything All I can hear is voice from dream Say anything You can dry my every tear akari no kieta On the stage hitori mitsumete tôrisugita hibi ni dakareru kowashite kure nani mo ka mo kazatta ai mo toki no suna ni kieru made * Close your eyes and I'll kill you in the rain kirei ni koroshi aeba zôka no bara ni umoreta shijin no namida wa kioku ni nagasarete Time may change my life But my heart remains the same to you Time may change your heart My love for you never changes You say anything kizutsuke au kotoba demo Say anything tachi kirenai kokoro ni You say anything... Say anything Now you've gone away Where can I go from here? Say anything... Say anything... "I believed If time passes, everything turns into beauty If the rains stop, tears clean the scars of memory away Everything starts weaning fresh colors Every sound begins playing a heartfelt melody Jealousy embelishes a page of the epic Desire is embraced in a dream But my mind is still in chaos and....."
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