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A Pastor, Pianist, A Music Producer and Sound Engineer. Praising is what I love to do!

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  • Coming Up!
    Coming Up! WHOOOOOOO!!!!! Its hard to sing this without some jumping and stomping. You will wanna hear this cos its extreme mixing......Listen to da LSS, MTCC and SSW all in one song!!!!
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    WORTHY The Lively Stone Singers singing this classic worship at NCC during Easter Concert 2013.
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  • Praise Medley
    Praise Medley Who says we cant sing indigenous praise songs funk style?! The Lively Stone Singers sure did this right! God be Praised!!!!
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    SEND THE RAINS Join the Lively Stone Singers and lets bring God down in worship
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    GOOD GOD! The Lively Stone Singers at the Easter Concert 2013, join the praise! Join the overflow of Joy!
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