Blu Street Music is a group and record label initiated by Shaba Serunkuuma together with childhood friend Brian Kaweesa in the begining of 2012.<br />
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It is the first East African group doing Electronic music. It is based in Uganda and many of their music is fussed with English and Luganda. Blu Street Music was created after Brian Popper recorded a solo electronic track "someday" in the late December of 2011 on which he featured Shaba to do the rap verse. After the release of the track, it received positive opinions from close friends and Artists like Kaz Kasozi(ksozimusic),Big Trill from Baboon Forest, Naava Grey, Coco Shampayne among others. This was when the two decided to form a crew BLU STREET MUSIC from the "blue house" that separated their houses during their childhood. After sometime, they decided to change Blu Street Music to a record label few months after its formation. They wanted to do electronic music as their primary music genre although not much were aware of its existence.<br />
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Blu street has currently released one track "Take me home(tukyekole)" around mid May 2012 with the help of their tutor and Producer who happens to have discovered them and gave them chance to record under his studio "the sound kitchen studio".<br />
Take me home has seen numerous plays on sound cloud due to the fact that it is n electronic track composed of both 21st to 20th century elements in it . Since electronic music was new in Uganda, it started off with very little plays within the country but gained momentum with time.<br />
Radiocity's Mister Deejay was the first Person in the media to listen to the song after its release and liked it urging the boys to go ahead in the direction they were taking, he also played the song few days later on his show and it got positive response from the listeners. Many other personnel in the media got the song such as Dj Ivo of Club silk and Jero from Rouge hence forming a fun base slowly but steadily for the youngsters.<br />
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Shaba is learning production having been inspired by Producers like David Guetta, Kaz Kasozi, Timbaland, Calvin Harris, Will.i.am,Jamein Dupree, Dr Dre, Eminem among others. He also co produced the label's first track. He does the rapping and writing too among learning the keyboard with Kaz Kasozi<br />
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Brian Popper on the other hand is more in Chareography, singing and writing. Dancing is his dream, he was inspired by musicians like Michel Jackson, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, BigTrill, LMFAO and many more others. He is learning the piano at the moment using knowledge provided to him by Kaz Kasozi while Naava Grey acts as his vocal coach. <br />
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Many more songs are coming out from the label soon so, sit back, relax and wait to be surprised by these mega talented African youngsters

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  • Take me home(tukyekole) This is the first electrohouse track from the duo Brian Popper and Shaba released by Blu Street Music from the album Bajja Kutya in 2012.
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  • Officer-Brian Popper and Shaba
    Officer-Brian Popper and Shaba The second single from the album Bajja Kutya. Done by Brian Popper and Shaba and released by Blu Street Music in the yeah 2013. This is the true definition of Electronic dance music from Africa
    sserunkuuma1 00:03:52 519 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Coyote
    Coyote The first Dancehall riddim by Zack and Shaba from their album F.A.T.E This song was Released by Blu Street Music in 2013. Very hot!!!
    sserunkuuma1 00:04:11 417 1 Downloads 0 Comments
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