Tech Talk Radio-TTR Ep 1308 - ABC launch Playbac
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Tech Talk Radio is an informative and entertaining talk show heard on free to air radio as well as streamed to the world live, and via podcast.

Each week we present current news and views from Australia and abroad. Were independent, non biased and are now in our third year of providing consumers with valuable information to help make educated decisions when it comes to technology.

Tech Talk Radio originates from the studios of 94.1 3WBC in Melbourne live every Monday night at 8pm.

Join your host Andrew McColm (ABC Radio & Talk 1116) and co host Dr. Ron along with our regulars, Mark Diggins, Graeme Callaghan and Adam Turner - journalist for the Age and SMH.Lidija Davis is our US correspondent based in Silicon Valley California. Tech Talk Radio reports on current technical developments both in Australia and abroad in an easy to digest manner format. Our panelists discuss a wide range of issues and technological gadgets, as well as respond to your dilemmas and feedback. Were passionate about technology and it shows!-The English language is certainly living and breathing, and it?s evolution is certainly faster now than at any other time in the history of the language thanks mainly to the evolution of the internet and computers in general.

After all, 10 years ago a small start up company called Google started to help internet users find websites they might be remotely interested in. Today the word Google is a Noun and a Verb, after all, we?ve all heard of the world?s largest search company, and then we?ve all googled something or someone, although no-ones told Microsoft as the verb ?googled? has a red squiggly line underneath it, when using Microsoft?s Word.

Then there?s the internet. Have you ever pinged or fingered something? Like Google, ping is both a noun and a verb. If you weren?t aware, there is a program called Ping which is used to determine if another computer is presently connected to the Internet. Having said that, the act of pinging, is a verb.

Now a quick check of the Oxford dictionary reveals that ping is a noun meaning an abrupt high-pitched ringing sound, and the associated verb is to make or cause to make such a sound. ? No mention of the internet or technology anywhere! For the record, the internet ping is a direct take on SONAR, which is an acronym for ?SOund Navigation And Ranging? which we?re all familiar with when it comes to submarines. It?s not too dissimilar to that when it comes to the internet.

Now, today on Tech Talk Radio, we?re going to take a look at the social networking site Twitter, and once again, the English language will have at least two new meanings for existing words. Last week, you learnt how to stumble, and we don?t mean falling over and hurting youself. No doubt we?ll all be tweeting and twitting or at least something along those lines by the end of the show.

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