I make Music using the MAGIX Music Maker, but I don't copy Songs from others. I love to be creative. If you're interested in other works from me, you can visit my weblog, there you find photographs, graphic arts, poems and more.

Susame`s Uploads

  • Harmony
    Harmony An Ambient/Chillout-Song wholly dedicated to Clarification and Resolving Differences in order to attain Peace, to gain Harmony.
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  • Speed
    Speed Do you like to drive fast? Do you usually hurry home to see your love again? Then this Song is for you, it's all about Speed, driving fast, hurrying home to meet your love. It's a classic Rocksong that could make the time on your trip home pass by a little faster.
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  • A long Way
    A long Way A nice 60s Song about an unrequited love and a girl, who needs to go a long way, until she finds her inner peace again. This Track is characterized by a soft organ, dreamy Electric Guitar Solo and for the perfect 60s-Feeling a Tambourine.
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  • Intemporal (Timeless)
    Intemporal (Timeless) An Ambient-Song, that gives you a glimpse of what Eternity feels like. When time stands still, there is no goal to reach. You can leave all pressure and stress behind. When time stands still it's enough to live, to exist, to BE.
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  • Summer Feeling
    Summer Feeling A sunny Song with a nice Melody, feels like having fun in the midst of Summer. I think, this could cheer you up on rainy days.
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