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  • Scott Peck at Wake Forest on Community at a Distance Bestselling author of The Road Less Traveled, originator of the Community Building model, and founder of the Foundation for Community Encouragement discusses the basic dictum that you can not build Community from a distance.
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  • The Idea of Ancestry
    The Idea of Ancestry Etheridge Knight reading "The Idea of Ancestry"
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  • NPR - How Fear Turned A Surplus Into Scarcity The mystery why there was a global rice shortage and ever-increasing prices, all while countries were hoarding rice.
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  • Conditions At California Prison To Be Reviewed Convicted murderer Harold Rigsby has been in the SHU's solitary confinement for 14 years. His skin is pale from lack of sun.
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  • NPR - Unschooled How One Kid Is Grateful He Stayed Home <br /> <br /> Sam Fuller of Albany is part of a rare minority of home-schoolers who call themselves "unschooled" — a more unstructured self-directed form of homeschooling. <br /> <br />
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  • McDonald's Stock Tumbles McDonald's Stock Tumbles As Consumers Turn To Food Sat, May 14 2011
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  • At End-Of-The Line Prison, An Unlikely Escape Vipassana meditation takes root behind a double electric fence and layers of locked doorways, Alabama's most violent and mentally unstable prisoners are incarcerated in the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility outside Birmingham. Many of them are here to stay. The prison has 24 death-row cells, and about a third of the approximately 1,500 prisoners are lifers with no chance of parole.
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  • Astronaut's Brother Recalls A Man Who Dreamed Big NPR - Ronald McNair was one of the astronauts killed 25 years ago on Jan. 28, when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. As his brother recalls, McNair's life was all about exploring boundaries — and exceeding them.
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  • Stephen's Table-II Chattanooga Endeavors, Inc. (CEi) has established a network of local churches called “Stephen’s Table” to keep contact with people from the Chattanooga area that are serving terms in Tennessee’s prison system. The idea is simple,” says Tim Dempsey, CEO, “by reaching out to prisoners in a way that keeps them involved in their home town we are able to cultivate positive relationships that both improve their incarceration experience and help them when they get out.”
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  • Stephens Table CEO of Chattanooga Endeavors, Tim Dempsey, discusses an initiative to build a large network of churches that systematically reach out to prisoners and the families they have left behind and provide them with a supportive community and a place to worship when they come home.
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