Ennodu Nee Irundhaal | Venkat (Video Cover)
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"Ennodu Nee Irundhaal" video cover Sung & Performed by me ! Please use earfones(75% volume atleast & watch on hd (1080P)!


Cover Credits:
Singer/Performed By/Video Editing: Venkat
Cinematography: Muthu Kumar

Original Credits:
Singers: Sid Sriram & Sunitha Sarathy
Composer: A.R.Rahman
Movie: AI
Audio Rights: Sony Music
Cast: Vikram & Amy Jackson
Cinematography: P.C.Sreeram

Singing: A challenging song, range and breathewise for any singer. With a usb mic,freeware, non sound proof setup I've given my maximum range & feelwise, retaining the melody and pain in this tune. I have sung all voice

layers i.e. Male lines, female lines and multiple chorus layers throughout. Hence pls use earfones at good volume, to enjoy the actual feel I have conveyed . Hope u ll like my take :)

Cinematography & Video Editing: This video is done just by 2 of us (myself & muthukumar)in a location 3 hrs from Dubai, Dhaya fort(20 kms before Oman) under extreme summer conditions in UAE. Thanks to Muthu Kumar for being

supportive throughout. He has shot some nice angles which helped me edit this video with necessary effects and filters, to the best of my knowledge. Hope you all like the visuals. 100% clips in the video is shot by us

(using a basic camcorder & iphone) and not taken from any external source unlike earlier videos

Audio mix: Thanks to Adithya suresh in helping my raw recording audio output, mixed to the best possible quality as always :)

With the available resources, we have done our best to get this video cover done. Hope you all like our sincere effort! Thanks

Lyric Translation:

Kaatrai tharum kaadugale vendaam
Thanneer tharum kadalgal vendaam
Naan unna urangave bhoomi vendaam
Thevai ethuvum thevai illa
Thevai ellam devathaiye

I don't need forests that give out breeze
I don't need seas/oceans that act as source of water
I don't need this earth for eating & sleeping
I don't need any needs
I need only my angel..

Ennodu nee irunthaal uyirodu naan irupaen (8 times)
If you're with me, I would stay alive!

Ennai naan yaarendru sonnaalum puriyaathe
En kaadhal nee yendru yaarukkum theriyaathe
Nee kettaal ulagathai naan vaangi tharuvene
Nee illa ulagathil naa vaazha maattene
Ennodu nee irunthaal...

If I say/explain who I'm, no one would understand me
No one knows that you're the love of my life
If you ask for it, I would get you the world (at your feet)
I wouldn't stay/live in a world without you!
If you're with me..!!!

Unmai kaadhal yaathendraal
Unnai ennai solvene
Neeyum naanum poi endraal
Kaadhalai thedi kolvene
Koonthal meesai ondraaga oosi noolil thaipene
Thengai kulle neer pole
nenjill Theki vaipene

If I were asked what true love is?
I would show us (as proof)
If you and me are said to be lies
I would find love and kill it
I would stitch your hair and my moustache together, with a needle
Like how a coconut saves water in it,
I would save you in my heart

Vatthi kucchi kaambil roja pookuma?
Poonai thenal kettaal pookal yerkuma?
Mudhalai kulathil malaarai malarnthen
Kuzhanthai aruge kurangai bayanthen

Would a rose blossom on a match stick's stem/pedicle?
Would flowers give away honey if a cat asks for it? (No they wouldn't, they would give only to honeybees)
In the crocodile pond, I blossomed as a flower.
By seeing the monstrously looking gorilla/monkey, the kid got scared!

Ennodu nee irunthaal uyirodu naan irupaen
uyirodu naan irupaenee

If you're with me, I would stay alive!
I would stay alive

Nee illa ulagathil naan vaazha maattene
Ennodu nee irunthaal!

I wouldn't stay/live in a world without you!
If you're with me..!!!

Disclaimer: No Copyright Infringement Intended. No Commercial Intent. Only for entertainment purpose

Licence : All Rights Reserved