My name is Warren Gray, and I live in Huntsville with my amazing wife Ashley and our three-year-old daughter Eisley. I have been a minister at the Huntsville Church of Christ for about five and a half years, first as the Youth Minister and now as Campus Minister. Ashley and I graduated from Abilene Christian University in 2008 and 2006 respectively.

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  • Sermon From 11-2-14: Loving Justice This sermon is part of a series our church is currently going through entitled "Love God, Love Your Neighbor." The first few minutes of the sermon were cut off, but I introduced it by explaining that I had been given this topic of "Loving Justice" (the idea that a group of Christians who love God and love their neighbors should love justice), which brought about many thoughts for me because of the different views, emotions and opinions we have about justice. (Especially in our context of Huntsville, TX, where we are surrounded by many prison units.) Right before the audio begins I had posed the question "What is justice?"
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  • Sermon From 8-24-14: Bearkat Sunday This is the sermon from our annual "Bearkat Sunday," which is when we welcome our college students to our church and community. Part of the purpose of the sermon is to give an overview of our campus ministry and introduce families and students to our ministry. There's also a broader message about community and living a selfless life of service as part of Christ-centered community that is applicable in all ministry contexts.
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  • Sermon From 11-24-13: Singleness This sermon deals with singleness, a topic I think we need to engage more in our churches. (The recording isn't the best quality, but you can hear it all.)
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  • Sermon From 4-28-13: Lukewarm This sermon focuses on the letter to the church in Laodicea. Right before the sermon we sang the song, "None Of Self And All Of Thee," and I had chairs lined up on stage to represent each verse.
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