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  • LOLOVER Remix to Drake Over
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  • LOLPZ Im all the way up long a<br /> imma take the ak aim it at ya dome and fucken spray<br /> makin my opponents pray stuck to the ground like clay<br /> turn me up and then youll say im all the way all the way<br /> turned up to the maximum headshots when im fraggin em<br /> smashin nerds like im the hulk and you can say im clappin em<br /> ya im deagle blastin em got a couple clips in hand<br /> siccmade better watch his back because i got a fucken plan<br /> imma make him quit this game he dont wanna play no more<br /> uninstallin counterstrike as soon as bodies hit the floor<br /> zoom the scope in with my awp and headshot you through double doors<br /> what you say you get them scores well you can say im double yours<br /> I do this for fun while your doin this for fame<br /> I be stylin on yo ass now let me show you how to game<br /> cuz my swagga is ridiculous my style is conspicuous<br /> try to hangout with my crew but you just cannot kick wit us<br /> we be on another level showin you whatsup my boy fraught is in the back of site rippin kids up<br /> why is it you wanna battle someone you cant even touch im an intangible allstar like my boy ninja<br /> and you don't even know the guy with all of them hoes his name is viater hes one of them pros you just a joe<br /> and last but not least we come to death hes a beast we call master rotater becuz hes quick on his feet<br /> siccmade your a fucken joke ill smoke you like a dirty blunt<br /> imma take another toke shootin from the back to front<br /> watch you ragequit out the server while im reloadin my gun<br /> get a couple clutches on ya team and then they say their done<br /> i think that im over this rap shit so you can say I won
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  • lol rap I made this for a pretty asian girl
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