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I was born on June 17,1995 in Martin,Tn.I lived with My father and Mother
till i was 5 years of age when my parents split. My father moved away and
my Mother gained custody of me and my two older sisters.Growing up wasn't
easy, My mother fell in and out of relationships and we moved from school
to school in search of a better life, at the age of 12 i had already picked
up ciggarettes,drinking and smoking weed.My mother struggled constantly too
provide us with shelter and food. Eventually me and my two sisters missed enough
school and my mother was charged with Truancy.The state of Tennesse stepped in
and they took me and my two sisters away.They split me and my sisters up and stuck
us in diffrent foster homes.My father caught news of the situation and he gained
custody of me and my two siblings.We moved from west tennessee to Knoxville,Tn
where my father had been living. Eventually hard times took the better side of my
father and he started drinking and being very abusive toward me and my sisters
and my stepmom.I wasn't a golden child in school, i was probably the worst kid in
Knox county schools at one point in time. I was always in trouble no matter what i did.
So i put alot of stress on my family at that time and my dad couldnt handle the
stress and buckled and he began to be abusive every day.One night my sister
couldnt take the abuse no more and she ran away and refused to come home.Then
once again the State Of Tennessee stepped in and took me and my sisters to my
step grandparents. Being 15 and living in hell for the past three years living
with my father i was ready to be grown.So I ended up stealing from my grandparents and
i got exspelled from school, So once again The state of tennessee stepped in again and
they put me in a few foster homes and i eventually ended up at a group home.I spent 2
years at the smoky mountain childrens home in Sevierville.I ran away with a girl i thought
i was in love with.They put me into another group home in Knoxville, Tn. I spent a month
in it then I met my girlfreind. I aged out of states custody and i Currently live in
Knoxville, Tn. In everyone of those memories i just told you about,I knew i wanted to be diffrent,
I knew i had to be diffrent. One of my fondest moments in life was sitting at my grandparents
when i was 8 years old.I wasn't watching cartoons i was watching 8 mile when i realized that
i wanted to be a RAPPER!!
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