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Audible RSS Feeds - Under $10. Under $10 Audio Programs. Under $10 Audio Programs-A collection of mysterious and fascinating stories about Dragons, told in a unique and original way by storyteller Clare Viner. The stories Clare tells are never written down, so they are never fixed. Each telling is new and spontaneous - like Chinese whispers the stories change a little each time they are told. Things get forgotten and new bits added in; this is the real magic of storytelling, like the breath that tells the tales, the stories themselves are alive, they cannot be pinned like butterflies. So the tales you hear sparkle with spontaneity - like life they are exquisite and unpolished. Listen to them once or twice then recreate them yourself. Let the story change and come alive again, on the pulse of your breath.p The Laidely Worm of Spindlestone Highbr Clare has re-interpreted this old legend from In many early myths the Goddess is represented as an old, wise and very powerful hag - and as a young, fertile maiden. Over time, in stories, the hag has been shown as evil - her great wisdom and power being feared. In this story Clare portrays her as a loving initiator, who knows she must teach her daughter - in order for her to survive...p The Gurt Worm of Shervidge Forestbr A re-working of an old Somerset In this story, a forest is guarded by a huge fire breathing Dragon. Only one little old lady is allowed into the forest through an archway of Rowan trees and she becomes the Dragons best friend. There is a sad ending to this story but it teaches us that the magic of the Dragon and the Rowan tree are for protection.

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